The success of our 2020 boat wrap design found us working on the 2020 prize boat wrap design for The Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show.

As far as door prizes go, this boat show excels with the $280 000+ prize boat. The boat is a feature of the show and the promotion in the lead-up; therefore, we needed to ensure that the designs improved each year.

The same Surtees and Brave Design team invited us back, so we knew we were on the right track from the start.

The Brief

Do it again – but even better!

The boat wrap design

We wanted to draw on the abalone (Pāua) colours for the second prize boat wrap. Pāua is a common shellfish in New Zealand, and their colour palette is unsurpassed in nature.

Keeping the poping chromed look, and chose some of the bigger offshore fish selecting tuna and marlin as our features for 2021.

We needed a different mood than the 2020 design; we wanted to create energy. 

Electrifying the Pāua colour scheme with the pinks, greens and blues as highlights and layering colours produced a base with energy and vibrancy. Using sharp turns and jagged lines gave the power we were looking to see. 

The background imagery was robust compared to the fish. We faded parts of the fish to bring the background through. Without that, they sat on top of the design, not in it. Leaving the heads as solid chrome, they still jumped out as the feature of the image.

Loving the background, we didn’t want to create a fade to accommodate the logos. So instead, we brought the Koru shape as a feature at the bow and stern.

The brown base made the logos stand out, and the line of the Koru worked perfectly with the rise of the bow. The Koru also allowed the boat’s bow to be darker, which blended with the minimal colour of the cabin.

Prize boat Promotional material

Promotional mock-up: We provided the boat show with a flawless mock-up of the boat wrapped in an image of the boat. The mock-up allowed the prize boat promotion to begin before the boat was wrapped. 

The image enabled the boat show and Surtees to promote the prize boat early in their marketing for the event.

When Glenn at Brave Design wrapped the boat, he wondered, ‘How can we possibly better it next year?’

Video produced to promote the prize boat and boat show

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