Custom art boat wraps for a commercial business are always fun to do. So when our Florida printer approached us to do the wrap design for SeaSucker we knew we were in for a treat.

Great company, communication perfect. That is the only way to get something exceptional designed and installed.’ Charles Casagrande

Charles Casagrande founded SeaSucker in Florida in 2005. A Florida-based company, they produce the only patented vacuum-mounted bike rack and vehicle roof rack system for cars, as well as, rod and cupholders for boats. Very clever, no drilling into the things you love.

SeaSucker is now distributed globally and has over 180 inventions to its name. 

Custom octopus illustration used in boat wrap: Fort Lauderdale.

This job came to us from in Florida, and Nick communicated directly with Charles throughout the process.

We prefer to have the client dealing directly with the artist’, said Andre, project manager at ‘That way, information is not lost in transition.’ 

The custom art boat wrap design needed to be on brand while adding something new to the existing visual assets of the 17-year-old business. 

Q and A with Charles Casagrande

Octopus design is drawn in vector allowing for limitless scaling with no pixelation

Where did you find us or hear about us?

We searched online for boat wraps and custom art in Florida. I contacted five companies, but only two responded. After seeing the custom art samples online from Nick, I was all in.

What did you want from the boat wrap design?

It is a company boat, and the design needs to be on brand as much as possible. In addition, the boat is sometimes used for content and is on TV, so it needed to be eye-popping.

I had been looking for years for the “right” octopus; not too cartoonish, but I needed an almost realistic darker look. So we sent Nick a few samples of octopuses and what we liked or didn’t like about them.

Also, with the size constraints on the side of the boat, I realized custom drawn would be the only way.

We now have art we can use on other SeaSucker content projects.

How would you describe your experience working with Nick?

Nick’s open attitude to making changes along the way was impressive. The art looked amazing from the beginning, so I felt almost guilty making suggestions on changes, but as an artist, Nick revels in it and emails back immediately.

He had some ideas to pursue and said he would return with options in a few days, and he does it!

Octopus: detail

Reviewing the artwork brought us to that next level; making the eye larger and a different colour, more suction cups instead of smooth arms etc; it added up and was amazing in the end. It was worth the back and forth 3-4 times.

How do you plan to use the image?

Besides the boat, it will be on some t-shirts soon. Our marketing team at SeaSucker will also use it in various content applications.

How did you find working with Marine Graphics Ink and

Great companies, communication perfect. That is the only way you can get something exceptionally designed and installed.

Custom art boat wrap for SeaSucker

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