There are plenty of great artists out their but Nick has a unique ability to produce just what you want, from life like to the abstract. Best of all you can be sure that every piece of art is perfect. He has done several pieces of art work over the years for me from logos to pictures, even the naming on my current boat – which draws anglers from far and wide to ask who did it, I think that alone is a fair indication of his amazing ability.

Lee Rayner

TV presenter
Fishing writer
Owner “Fishing Fever”

Fishing Fever




The dealings with Marine Graphics Ink have been nothing short of top notch, very little explanation and time was involved in getting the final artwork completed, proving your creative and finishing to get the final product is first class.

Riley Tolmay

Business Development and
Sales Manager Asia Pacific





Nick Hannan’s work has to be seen to be believed. He not only takes into account personal desires when doing individual commission work, Nick also does the research to make sure the end product exceeds the clients expectations.
Being an avid lure collector and a passionate Murray cod angler it was obvious to me what I wanted in a print but was difficult to articulate to an artist.I had never seen any artist capture the essence of Murray cod fishing as I saw it and this was the challenge I set for Nick.

After talking to Nick and supplying photography of how I see Murray cod lure fishing in a special place called Bundalong, Nick bought it all together in a package that simply blew me away.

The end product was titled Deception, which works on several levels as it was the lure I wanted in the piece and it was also the feel of the shot, where a Murray cod is deceived into eating the lure. Nick even had the foresight to include an electric powered boat and the ever present strap weed found in the Murray River. This attention to detail is staggering and completes a wonderful piece.
A brilliant artist that did a brilliant job.

Thanks Nick.

Stephen Booth

Managing Editor